Kitts' comments on LM Mechanisms Lecture


Different types of mechanisms

- deployment/reconfig mechanisms: unfold, unfurl, telescope, etc.

- optical mechanisms: mirror positioning, wheels, shutters

- other: dock/latches, arms, etc.


Examples: Orion, Mars rovers, etc - enormous array of different types of mechanisms


James Webb Space Telescope Example:

- sunshield deploys to size of basketball court

-19 segment primary mirror

- power and acs mechanisms

- secondary mirror and boom deploy

- instruments

- 240+ mechanisms on JWST


NIRCam example (camera on JWST)

- mirror control, filter wheels, etc.


Testing critical for mechanisms

Developing the test can be very difficult given thermal requirements (especially cryogenic), attempts to simulate microgravity, etc.


Mechanisms must work in ambient ground test conditions as well as space conditions


GOES Example

60+ mechanisms